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The ellwood atfield gallery was delighted to again host the Political Cartoon of the Year Awards, presented annually by the Political Cartoon Society.

The UK’s leading cartoonists from all the national press gathered to celebrate and commiserate with the winners and losers. There were three awards, Political Cartoon of the Year was won by Steve Bell from the Guardian, Runner Up for Cartoon of the Year went to Andy Davey from The Sun and the Political Cartoonist of the Year award was won by Morten Morland from The Times. The results were announced by Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP, former Chief Whip, at a party on 3 December 2013.

All the award entries and the winners are below, click on each cartoon for a closer look.

Political Cartoon Awards 2013 Highlights

The Best of Britain's Political Cartons 2013

Award Winners

Steve Bell – The Guardian
Winner, Political Cartoon of the Year
Andy Davey – The Sun
Runner up, Political Cartoon of the Year
Morten Morland – The Times
Winner, Political Cartoonist of the Year

Award Entries

Mac - Daily Mail
Peter Brookes - The Times
Christian Adams - The Daily Telegraph
Paul Thomas - Winnie the Pooh
Ben Jennings - The Guardian
Bob Moran - The Daily Telegraph
Steve Bright – The Sun
Chris Riddell – The Observer
Ingram Pinn – Financial Times
Brian Adcock – The Independent
Gary Barker – The Times
Dave Brown – The Independent
Peter Schrank – Independent on Sunday
Patrick Blower – Daily Telegraph
BlueLou – Morning Star
Martin Rowson - The Guardian
Scott Clissold - Sunday Express
Chris Duggan - The Times
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