Dedicated to exploring the role, character and importance of communications

The ellwood atfield gallery, the communications gallery, is the first gallery dedicated to exploring the role, character and importance of communications. Distinct industries and disciplines that evolved during the 20th century – advertising, marketing, corporate communications, branding, media, public relations, internal communications, public affairs – are converging. The gallery seeks to stimulate debate about what constitutes communications in the 21st century.

The communications gallery is a space, not for the passive observation of objects, but for active engagement with the history and future of communications. Our exhibitions will be the focus for discussion about how trends such as social media, globalisation, and disintermediation are shaping this rapidly-changing industry.

The ellwood atfield gallery has been founded by Gavin Ellwood, Ben Atfield and Geraldine Davies, with support from the Press Association. We would particularly like to thank their Managing Director Tony Watson and Group Picture Editor Martin Keene.