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The Leveson Inquiry raises profound questions about how business, public and even private communications should be conducted. This exhibition is our contribution to encourage those involved in communications to consider the matters relating to Leveson seriously. Mick Hume is a journalist and author of ‘There Is No Such Thing As a Free Press – and we need one more than ever’. The book contains a response to the Leveson Inquiry findings and outlines the author’s position regarding the status of British press today. On the walls of Gallery One, Hume presents a rich and thought-provoking argument for the protection of a free press. The Hacked Off Campaign began in 2011 with the aim of bringing about a public inquiry into the actions of the press. Since then Hacked Off has supported the victims of press abuse, telling their stories and is now committed to ensuring the recommendations made by the Leveson Inquiry are carried out. Hacked Off presents its case for a more accountable and ethical press in Gallery Two.

We would like to thank Hacked Off and Mick Hume, members of the Free Speech Network, The Press Association and Harrison:Fraser for their involvement in this exhibition.

The current exhibition was featured in the Guardian on 10 May 2013. For the full article click here.

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Photographs of the opening night:

After Leveson Exhibition Opening Night

opening night speech by Mick Hume, editor-at-large, Spiked

opening night speech by Brian Cathcart, executive director, hacked off